sultan Muhammadu Sa’ad Abubakar

-Your reply to the declaration made by d governor of river state (Nyesom   Wike)

-Concerning religion, is already in the public domain.

-In as much as I am a non-religious person, 

I still consider ur statement “Rivers is not a Christian state” very preposterous and ridiculous. It is void of rationality hence, it is unfortunate that such a disdainful statement emanated from you. 

Just after a second thought, I now remember that you (majority of northerners including u) are religious fanatics and nothing less should be expected from a people who can go overboard to do anything for their GOD (a God who takes delight in watching his creatures becoming ruthless to one another), Including unjustifiable killings.

Dear Sultan -Satan of Sokoto, pls answer this simple question:
If Sokoto, kano, Kaduna and many other northern States can be Muslim States, why can’t Rivers State be a Christian state?

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Or your long time desire and zeal to Islamize Nigeria is the reason why you couldn’t hold yourself from vomiting that unguided and unscrupulous statement from your vocal cavity?

Sir, I humbly ask that you  keep your unsolicited opinions to yourself as no one is interested in that crap.

That Statement is capable of igniting chaos or crisis in that State(Rivers), But I know you don’t care if it does because crisis is your  daily bread. Especially religious oriented crisis which has left the north devastated perpetually.

We in the south have our own challenges-problems in which your northern brothers are major shareholders and we are not going to condone any inciting statement from you which will further aggravate our problems. Mind your business and mind your northern brothers-sheep who have no mind of their own especially as it regards religion.

I have never stopped to wonder why wickedness, mercilessness, poverty and illiteracy still abundantly abound in the north where Islam is held in high esteem.

I advise you and your Northern brothers to desist from fighting for God. If your God is really a God and mighty, then he should fight for his people and not the other way round.
Fighting and killing people for Allah makes Allah a powerless and in fact a non existing Allah.

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you  have lived in this darkness and naivety for too long and a lot of souls have gone as a result.

So, its high time you  got your senses back  and stop making the  world unsafe & chaotic in the  name of JIHAD.
Leave God to fight all your battles I pray thee!

Source: Balogun Sammywonder Oneshuagbe