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Pastor raped his member

-A man of God who uses his position to prey on the same sheep he is meant to be   guarding is actually far worse than a violent armed robber.

-If it were just one lady, it would be so easy to dismiss but this is not the first   time neither is it the second time this same Pastor is being fingered in allegation   of sexual misconduct and rape.

-Aside Bisola, there are so many other women accusing this same Pastor of   taking   advantage of them.

I personally know about at least 5.

The statement he released an hour ago where he threatened to sue after claiming the church is under attack actually portrays him as an emotional manipulator mining the religious sentiment of his congregation for dubious end.

And as if he already heard that some of his victims are preparing to speak out like Bisola, he suggested there may be other “sacked church workers” who will come out to accuse him of s*xXual misconduct.

The question is, Why always him?

Why is he always in the news for matters not unrelated to s*xX?

Is he the only one with a pen*sS?

When a man fights each time he goes to the market, you need not ask between him and the market people, who the guilty party is??

If you do not understand what it means for one to be in a higher position of responsibility/authority over another, if you do not understand the meaning of fiduciary duty, you really shouldn’t be chucking mouth into this matter.

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As a Pastor just as with every other position of influence or authority, you wield enormous influence over members of your church and this influence comes with responsibility one of which is that you are duty bound to act in the best interest of these church members AT ALL TIME. Which means, even when a female member of your church VOLUNTARILY OFFERS YOU s*xX, you are duty bound to reject it.

In a society not ruled by broken men with an equally broken citizenry, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

Alas, this is Nigeria where senior lecturers extort sex from the same female students placed under their care and go scot-free.

Writing by : Charles Ogbu