British Empire

-Admit it or not,the colonized entities were a British business clothed with a   sought of colonial government,in other for a swift running of the businesses.

-When it became necessary for the British to expand their businesses, they then   did a kind of a merger and acquisition, called it amalgamation,All for business   convenience.

-One Nigeria, is therefore, to the British a business venture.

You’d be clowning, if you think they care about which religion or region rules or kills, so long as it doesn’t affect their business.

One Nigeria, what does it mean?
Please, quietly ask yourself.

So if every state runs independently but still within the enclave,its no more One Nigeria?

Or if a state can, & is at liberty to develop its own seaport’s,airports,modern train system, & harnesses it for the benefit of its indigenes & residents, it’s no more One Nigeria?

If Rivers State owns & manages its own oil, as well as other states owning & managing their resources, will it no more be One Nigeria?

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If Abia State can repair every road within its domain without having to seek & obtain Federal government permission, we will no more be One Nigerian?

Again, if a State can develop, generate & transmit its own power & even transmit to others willing to partner with it, shall we no more be One Nigeria?

What if states secure its indigenes and residents from criminal elements without having to concentrate all powers, command & control on only the president, Nigeria will no more be One Nigeria?

Having a National Assembly, Judiciary & Executive that will actually be truly independent of each other, with ALL having equal powers over each other, will that stop us from being One Nigeria?

What we have now & call ‘One Nigeria’ is a completely deceitful lie we pretentiously remind ourselves.

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Nothing is ‘One’ in this today’s Nigeria, except Niger Area!

Writing by : Ceejay Nyenke 


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