Image may contain: 1 person, sunglasses-Our history will not forget and forgive anyone of them who does so.

-Our land is not available for Miyetti Allah, so they should find other place or   other means of rearing their cattle.

-I am a warrior and I am not afraid and the Yorubas are not afraid of any tribes   who are giving us problems.

“No Governor in South West should allocate any portion of our land for cattle ranching or colony.

I am only waiting for approval from my Kings because they have the final say on this issue.

I am not limiting this struggle to the South West only but to the States like Kogi and Kwara States where we have Yoruba society.

We won’t allow insecurity to overwhelm us.

We will not allow it to distract us from pursuing restructuring agenda. We should do whatever we have to do to deliver ourselves.

I can still roll out one million Yoruba people.”- GANI ADAMS, AARE ONA KAKAANFO OF YORUBALAND.


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