Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

-When Nnamdi Kanu was in London preaching, some people said they will only   take him serious when he comes back to Nigeria.

-He came back and he was arrested and imprisoned.

-Some of these people that said they will take him serious were happy.

They said that he will die in prison. They mocked him in many ways and supported lawlessness when he was continuously denied bail.

Nnamdi Kanu got bail, fulfilled the outrageous bail conditions and became free. He rallied millions of youths without monetary inducement. People were following him.

He even said that he will go to Abuja for his court hearing with 10million Biafrans, before they went to kill him.

They never took him serious like they promised. Battalions of Nigeria soldiers went to his House to kill he.

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Without gun and weapons he escaped assassination and these same people started saying that he saw military and ran away.

They actually wanted him dead.

They were disappointed that he escaped their prison and their assassination attempt.

Now he is abroad traveling from nation to nation for Biafra Restoration and the same people are accusing him of running away from Nigeria.

That some of these people are Ndi Igbo is shameful. People that have accepted slavery and rejected freedom should not be taken seriously.

By Elochukwu Ohagi


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