Jesus used whip on money changers and sellers in the temple

-During harvests and bazaars, Christian mothers don’t forget to cook and sell in     a   good quantity in the church.

-Only those kids whose parents are wealthy can afford a meal all through the   long   mass period.

-The most annoying part is that thing they call the M.O.D (somewhat like the   Royal Ranger of the Catholic Church or Boys scout) uses the opportunity to   exercise their powers.

They would luck the gates of the church disallowing children access home when they fell hungry.

You’d see how children of poor backgrounds beckons on their peers for some food that has been bought to them by their wealthy parents. I grew up into this system as a Catholic during childhood.

Now let me shuck you more; do you know these mothers that sold these foods gave their little children for free when they came around? I remember seeing this as a kid during one harvest, I started regretting why my mum had refused to join the CWO, I thought probably if she was there, I would have access to such, children life.

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But the point I’m trying to make here is; why sell foods in the church of Christ? If anything could be sold not food, in fact, those that were whipped by Jesus never sold foods, I wonder what Jesus would had done to them supposed it was something as vital as food.

If you cannot make it free for all in the church, then don’t bother preparing it, the church is not a ground for business exchange let alone something as foods and drinks being sold in the church.

Last year I attended a harvest in a Catholic Church somewhere in Port Harcourt and was shocked to noticed this still goes on, I bought a plate of food for some children but of course I couldn’t buy for all as my pocket was bleeding.

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I had to have issues with the MOD’s to grant access to those kids home whom I couldn’t afford a meal. In my opinion, our churches should not be preaching one thing and doing another!!

Writing By: Versatile C Barika


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