Clergymen carry white coffins containing the bodies of priests allegedly killed by Fulani herdsmen

-The truth is we do not need history to remind us about Expansionist politics, its   also a present and continuous idea.

-Unfortunately the fundamentalist and militant government in Nigeria has simply   dared the rest of the ethnic nationalities in Nigeria by making it a policy priority,   in total disregard to the constitutional provisions .

-No matter the political and economic arguments for this Expansionist idea, the   outcome is predictable, violence. The borders of the herdsmen are very bloody.

Exploitation and domination is always identified with insecurity and instability, chaos and crisis .

The risk associated with this policy is heightened by the global tag of the herdsmen as the fourth deadliest terror group in the world. This is enough for any sensible and sensitive government to tread with caution.

The long term funding of this program could be of great concern especially if the next government decides to scrap it. Its still very hard to imagine how the discriminatory settlement of a particular homogeneous group in an ethnically diverse society has become a national policy now affecting governance and development .

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A dark and dangerous future ahead for the country if we allow cancerous emotional politics to destroy reason. Unpleasant ideological politics of discrimination, political bias and favouritism and feelings must not replace facts.

It’s time for various homogeneous groups in Nigeria to reassert themselves and resist this idea because the outcome is predictable, heightened threat to human security and safety.

People with history of raping, maiming, killing and depopulation of indigenous people are not your friends and must not be imposed on our various homogeneous societies. Come to think of it, they have state of origins so why the imposition to compete for scarce resources in other states despite the risk they pose.

Writing By : James Edos


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