-RUGA Cattle Settlements For Foreign Fulani People imported into Nigeria for   the 2019 General Election. 

-They introduced this evil plan  as Cattle Colony, Ranches, Grazing Bill,

-But the purpose is simple: 

1) Resettlement Of Foreign Fulani Herdsmen in Nigeria.

2) Dispossession Of lands from Locals to hostile Foreigners herders.

3) Invitation Of Fulanis living in West Africa into Nigeria through the deliberate porous   Border.

4) Expansion Of areas occupied by Fulanis in Nigeria as 7 states will be used to test the illegal scheme.

5) Each RUGA Settlement is equal to 2 New LGAs in the states they are located and can expand to 5-6LGAs in 20 years.

6) Establishment Of RUGA settlement is illegal and contravenes the Nigerian Constitution Of Nigeria.

7) Breeding Cows are personal businesses and Govt have no Business fraudulently and forcefully acquiring community lands for foreigners that have killed over 23,000 Nigerians in the last 4 years.

8] Nigerian indigenous Fulani has nothing to do with these illegal moves of Buhari’s Govt and some politicians in the Middlebelt and Southern Nigeria.

9) Have you asked why this policy is not tested in the core North that is involved in pastoral farming (breeding cows).