Abaaziam Bem (PhD) 

-1. They control customs so they can bring in weapons of war all the way to   Kaduna dry port.

-2. They control immigration so they can bring in Fulani fighters from all over   West and North Africa.

-3. They control the police so there will be no investigation and enforcement of   laws against killer herdsmen.

4. They control the NASS so they will be no adverse parliamentary proceedings against them.

5. They control DSS so that if you talk, they shut you down.

6. They control the judiciary so that once your case reaches the Supreme Court, it is dead.

7. They control the army so that if you fight back, they will use Federal Resources to Python Dance you.

8. They control the Executive Branch so they can dip into the national treasury to fund the Fulanization of Nigeria.

9. They control the Ministry of Information so they can control what you hear and set up their own radio station.

10. They control a large swath of the Yoruba Muslims to make sure that the South stays divided.

If you are waiting for formal declaration of war, then you’re most pathetic.

Jihad is afoot!

Abaaziam Bem (PhD)