Nnamdi Kanu, Uche Mefor Meet MEPs In Brussels, Assure Biafra Freedom

So, some people who were vehemently against referendum advancing some useless excuse that “

It is alien to Nigerian law” are now waking up to the reality that a referendum would be conducted to carve out “

South East Federation” in alliance with their oduduwa counterpart on the 8th of August,2019 ?

Who now imported the provision? Well, all I can tell you is to beware of Yoruba betrayal. And to you all that open the door to your Fulani masters in Biafraland, we want to ask how far have you gone with your treachery?

Are you tired of your one-Nigeria project, are you tired of your sabotage and betrayal? For avoidance of doubt, IPOB is not part your referendum to be South East-South South federation within Nigeria.

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Nothing can compensate for so much lives of Biafran youths shed through your criminal complicity and therefore our destination remains Biafra no matter how long it takes.

Should you,in case, succeed after waking up from your slumber-comatose state to usher in a regional structure( which I doubt), you shall inevitably be bringing us closer to Biafra.

We reassert that no force, and certainly no treachery can subdue nor destroy the indomitable nature and ingenuity of the Biafran spirit!