-Did you notice that, no single person attached the tribe of both the accuser and   the accused to the issue?

-There is no single ethnic profiling of the people involved.

-Everyone focused on the issue, without calling out their tribe. It was given a   national outlook.

Wait till it happens in Igbo Land and by an Igbo Man, and watch the narrative change. Supposed educated folks will give it ethnic coloration. They will move away from the people involved and focus on their tribe. You will see Igbos(mostly ladies) who think that they are more educated than others, well traveled and detribalised applauding, cheering and sharing the posts aimed at stereotyping their people.Even among the Igbos, the state of the people involved will be called out. You will hear Anambra person starting a post with “Ndi Imo,” or Imo person doing the same to Abia. Some will even tell you how it can’t happen in their state. But in this COZA scandal, no mention of the state or tribe was made.
If you are one of those who do this or join others in stereotyping your people, I pray you receive sense today

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