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I went to see one State Governor in his office last week when his Permanent Secretary in the Lands’ Ministry walked in and said some people from the Federal Ministry of Agriculture came to the State requesting for land to settle the Fulani’s.

The Governor was shocked to his bone marrow; and the first question he asked was: Does the Federal Government have land within his State? Of course, everyone around chorused NO! I will for now keep to myself the official directive given by the Governor to the Perm. Sec.

When I reached my house that day, I did some quick mental exercise and realized to my utter fear and consternation as follows:

1. President Buhari is hell bent on executing what Obasanjo called “Fulanisation and Islamisation.” When vastly knowledgeable and experienced people like Obasanjo and Danjuma talk, we the less experienced jump up in condemnation without weighing all the facts properly. We always arrogate the knowledge we don’t have to ourselves!

2. If you still think I am blabbing or even raising an unnecessary alarm or even telling lies, are people from the South Eastern part of Nigeria not already complaining of plans to set up Fulani vigilante groups in Igboland? What of Gbajamiabila’s conversion to Islam and Buhari’s insistence that the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Arms of Government must be headed by Muslims only?

Till today, only a few Nigerians are asking why our entire security architecture is in the hands of northern Muslims. Nobody is asking why El Rufai would have the effrontery to nominate a Muslim Deputy Governor, rig his way through and attempt to criminalize open preaching and even night vigils.

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Some naysayers will also question our cry against Fulanisation and Islamisation, hinging their dishonest denials on the situation in Zamfara. This is similar to denying the fact that ISIS focused their bloody military campaign on Muslim populations – because the latter were not practicing the brand of Islam ISIS thought should be practiced. Go and check: the people being killed in Zamfara are Hausa Muslims, who in the eyes of the Fulanis are not real Muslims.

It appears to me that President Buhari and his cohorts are hell bent on either conquering Nigeria and handing it over to jihadists and Fulani Muslims or are ready to destroy it in retaliation!

Anybody reading this can choose to believe me or can abuse me; but the next few days/weeks/months will vindicate me.

If you believe in what I am saying, kindly spread this message until it reaches Buhari himself and members of the international community.
God bless you as you do so. Thanks.