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Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

-Challenging the Nigeria army who blocked him from entering Ebonyi state for   IPOB’S evangelism tour. He broke a record 11 checkpoints that day to penetrate   Ebonyi bringing them message of hope and to emancipate our people from the   shackles of mental slavery.

-I thank Elohim for giving us this man at this point.

-If not, Buhari would have perfected his plans and we all would have been islamised.

This is why they want him dead. They rolled battalion of army to his house to silence him, but the Mighty One of Israel who sent him for this special mission rescued him.

For the Judas amongst us, can you just close your eyes for one minute and imagine Nigeria, South East without IPOB? Nnukwu alu akari imego!

MNK has written his name in the marbles of history. Posterity will forever be kind to him, forever!

He’s my hero forever. What about you?

Writing By: Henry Igwe Ogbudimkpa