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Ndigbo are like the skinny individual

-I wish they had political sense but they don’t and worse still, they won’t even   pay any  attention to sense.

-If a dog bites an Aboki in Kano, Igbos will go and protest not knowing that the   dog owner and the one who got bitten are in-laws.

-When they settle their issues,   they’ll come together to accuse Ndigbo of   meddling in their affairs.

We need to learn how to pick our fights with Ako na Uche.

Nigeria is a federation, so focus on your own region and your own issues. Leave others to address their own issues, especially when there’s a long history of them not appreciating you.
Fulani herdsmen, Igbo Carry the matter for head. Coza rape allegation na Igbos carry am for head, Senator slaps person inside shop na Igbos carry am for head. Are you people Jesus? Saviours of Nigeria.

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Tomorrow they’ll come together and tell you to go back to the east then you’ll start crying as usual. We have scores of issues to address in the East; erosion and environmental degradation, unemployment, healthcare, pollution, government accountability,

safeguarding our language and culture, supporting families and protecting the most vulnerable in our communities, child mortality and women’s health, improving the quality of our education and building infrastructures.


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