-Paul Pogba will join next Friday to the working dynamics of Manchester United.

-which two days later plans to travel to Australia to make the preseason and   start  playing friendly matches in order to outline a template,
-That will have as main objectives of the season the Premier and the Europa     League, since the French team did not manage to qualify for the Champions   League.
The midfielder, who is spending his last days of vacation in New York participating in a new campaign of Adidas, is clear that his goal is none other than to get the leaders of the English team to allow him to negotiate his departure to Madrid, more specifically to the Santiago Bernabéu.
Zinedine Zidane is still clear that the icing on the cake that remains to be placed, is none other than the signing of Pogba for the Madrid entity.
That mix of strength, power and football that the United player still has, is what Real Madrid needs to recover the lost vigor, at least that’s what the Real Madrid keeper thinks.
The problem that both Pogba and the leaders of Real Madrid are facing is the refusal of the non-American owners of the English club to sit down to negotiate.
Two trips by Mino Raiola, agent of the player, to the English city and many other calls from the noble zone of the Santiago Bernabéu, have ended the same way, without any answer.
Real Madrid is willing to negotiate , including putting players in the operation, especially Gareth Bale , who may have their place in the team of De Gea and Juan Mata, but the refusal so far is absolute.
They do not want to negotiate. Pogba is not for sale.
The Frenchman has a new opportunity today to make his position clear. On summer tour-publicitaría, the midfielder has a new stop, in this case in Manhattan.
He will be able to speak and say what he intends to say to Soljskaer as soon as he returns to Manchester on Friday, which is nothing more than choosing his future and that apparently he is playing for Real Madrid.