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Shaihu Usman dan Fodio

-The Hausa’s adopted Islam via the Mali empire but the Hausa aristocracy who   claimed to be Muslims were corrupt and incompetent.

-Ask yourself how a few Fulanis from Senegal can defeat the entire Hausa   kingdoms? Now go back to the previous paragraph.

-The Hausa rulers were oppressing their own people, so a revolutionary Islamic   teacher   took advantage of that by organising the Hausas to fight against their   oppressors.

He promised them freedom, good governance, true Islamic values, even education for women.

Igbo leaders are misleading you, Igbo Amaka is using Igbo culture to organise you to defeat your oppressors. Nigerian leaders are misleading you and Kanu is using Biafra which is an Igbo heritage but also propaganda to rally you to defeat them.

What will the Fulani herdsmen use to organise you to defeat your bad rulers and then make them your rulers?! NOTHING.

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So stop all these scaremongering. Put these Fulani to work and use them just like Igbo traders are used by others to develop their lands.

You say you must eat beef and drink milk, so find ways to use the Fulani for that. Your cities are also very dirty, most of you won’t want to become street cleaners but Aboki will do it, train them and put them to work instead of letting political jobbers like Fani Kayode and his master Obasanjo to use you as a pun in the dangerous game they’re playing with their Fulani friends.

Source: Igbo Amaka