When we got to airport airforce junction whichever it’s called, though it was late and raining. A slim dark soldier not upto 30 years old stopped our vehicle, asked the driver to put on the inner light.

Unfortunately, the light is faulty and can’t be switched on. He then requested every body inside the vehicle to put on their phone lights which we ignored.

He angrily asked us to get down and lie inside the water close to the tarred road. He said”who knows if you people are Boko Haram”.

I was not angry laying down on the water, but I could have strangled him if I was opportuned to do that on hearing the above statement.

How can he be looking for Boko Haram when Boko Haram has given them address of their base? So what he means is that they are actually on our peaceful roads looking for Boko Haram meanwhile same Boko Haram is terrorizing them in Borno State.

This is why I should not argue with the person that said that Nigerians are not mentally ok. The very end of Nigeria is fast approaching.

source: Onyechere Ugochinyere