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. And from, it’s a goal marked on penalty, and the penalty has been validated by      the var (a little nudge what).
. It seems that it is only cr7 who relies on the penalties to cure his statistics.

. As a result of this failure with the team of Argentina, is it that the moment has   not finally arrived, for the barcanulois, to recognize, once and for all, that it is       cr7   who is the best player in the world .
  Because their idol Lionel Messi has never been good elsewhere than in barça.

. And there is a lot to bet, that messi will end his career without any major title   with his nation.
 Just as he will finish his entire career in Barça (he is afraid to go show his gaps   in  another club).

I fear that it is simply hunted from the national team after the defeat of tonight or failing that he decides to throw the sponge because he will not be spared by the critics, which will naturally be right of his Tolerance, since it has always been very fragile.

But between us is said, how to explain that a player who reigned for more than 10 years, at the top of the world football, is not able to give a major title to his nation, how?

Contrary to cr7 who has always drawn his team from Portugal to the top, by the trust and determination he has often generated in his locker room.
Lionel Messi, who never assumes his responsibilities after every failure, has always leaded the climate within his selection.
In fact, its invasive presence has always caused ego crises within the workforce. There has been a tour of the cases: Carlos Tevez, Mauro Icardi, Gonzalo Huguain, Javier Pastore, Paulo Dyballa, angel di Maria and I’m passing by.

I remain convinced that this Argentina there, without Lionel Messi is capable of exploits.