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Onitsha, January 6, 1892

Idigo, however seeing how difficult it would be to practice the true religion, in the midst of the pagans, resolved to withdraw to a place three-quarters of an hour from the village, where he had property on a lofty plateau.

At the same time, he promised land to those who wanted to follow him provided they became Christians.

We could not remain indifferent to such a resolve and determined to aid him as far as possible in this movement in the hope that it might be the beginning of a Christian population.

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This Christian population, has already begun, the date of its foundation was the day of the baptism of Idigo on December 3, 1891, the Feast of Saint Francis Xavier.

Source: Rev. Father Joseph Lutz, of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Heart of Mary, Prefect Apostolic of the Mission.

Onitsha, January 6, 1892

Photo: Ogbuinyinya Idigo, the first Igbo Christian king.